Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Our orthopaedic specialists, doctors and nurses are experienced in the latest diagnostic techniques and treatment options available. Whether you are a professional athlete or enjoy your sport as a hobby, our team will help you return to your active lifestyle quickly and safely.

If you are injured at work, we have a range of services that will get you back into the work force. We will work closely with your employer and provide you with a rehabilitation program that will ensure your recovery and a quick return to an active and healthy life.

Should you be suffering from new acute or long standing bone or joint problems, our experts will diagnose and treat your condition as required; Although treatment with non-operative means is preferred, we are able to offer you complex surgical interventions should these be required.
We also offer complex pain relief treatments in our Pain Clinic.

Sports Medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine dealing with physical fitness and the non-operative treatment and prevention of injuries related to sport or physical fitness.