About Us

DaVinci Health is a medical centre that focuses on the promotion of health in its patients and not simply the treatment of injury or illness. 

We believe in maintaining the overall health of our patients by combining the experience and expertise of all our specialists to offer a holistic service and prevent medical conditions from developing. 

DaVinci Health offers a range of services to support our patients in every aspect of their physical and mental well-being.

Nurse hands a form to a patient

Our History

The hospital started operations on November 23rd, 2000, as the Medical Imaging Centre in Birkirkara. The clinic was solely a radiological facility providing all imaging modalities to neighbouring clinics and general practices.

In Feb 2004, the Medical Imaging Centre moved to its new premises in Kan. K Pirotta Street, Birkirkara, where we expanded our radiological facilities while providing space for consultant clinics in other specialities.

In June 2006, the Medical Imaging Centre opened a new surgical facility that included an operating room suite and inpatient treatment facilities. In April 2007, the Medical Imaging Centre changed its name to the DaVinci Hospital to reflect the expansion and scope of our services.

What is our goal? Focus on overall health, not just injury or illness.

At DaVinci Health, we aim to: 

• Broaden our scope by concentrating on the promotion of health for our clients and the management of more common diseases before they develop into more complex medical conditions, which are more difficult to treat.

• Maintain overall good health in our customers by expanding on the prevention and early detection of disease, which is why we are now DaVinci Health.

Continue to use our Computerised Hospital Information System that connects all patient data derived from its various departments together into one digital file. This includes all medical history, reports, diagnostic images, and lab results obtained at Da Vinci Health over the past 15 years.