Da Vinci Health Medical Lab runs a well-equipped medical laboratory that provides a wide range of medical lab tests for inpatients and outpatients both internally and to numerous small private clinics and general practices. 

Our lab is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective, responsive, comprehensive laboratory and pathology services that meet our clients’ needs. Most biochemical test results are completed and dispatched by email/post/personal collection to the patient and/or their doctor within 24 hours.

Two doctors working in a lab


The haematology section of Da Vinci medical lab offers a wide range of basic and complex investigations including:


The biochemistry lab offers all the basic and most of the complex investigations required for most diagnostic work-ups, including:

Doctor fills sample container in the lab

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Some of the blood tests performed to detect sexually transmitted disease include:


The following hormone profiles are performed at Da Vinci medical lab:
Doctor adds blood sample to a blood rack

Cytology / Histology

These are tests that examine cell/tissue structure to diagnose malignancies. The Cytological analysis involves processing and microscopic examination of specimens obtained from Fine Needle Aspirates (FNA) and fluid aspirates. 

The Histological analysis involves the processing and microscopic examination of tissues obtained from open surgical procedures or core biopsy. In addition to standard microscopy, we perform special tests, including receptor testing (e.g. estrogen and Herceptin receptors for breast cancer). PAP smear test analyses are also performed.


A Toxicology test is performed to look for traces of illegal substances in a person’s system. It can be used to evaluate a person’s drug addiction or intoxication or to screen for drug abuse. 

Toxicology tests are easy and quick to be done. These are usually performed with the help of a urine or blood sample. Also, samples of saliva or hair are sometimes used. The tests available in our medical lab are: 

  • Urine Toxicology Screen: Cocaine, methamphetamines, cannabinoids, amphetamines, and Morphine
  •  Blood Toxicology Screen: Alcohol, Salicilates, Paracetamol.
Materials and sample for toxicology test

Screening Packages

At the Da Vinci Health Clinic, we focus on your overall health. That’s why we develop screening packages, so you can start preventing diseases before they become serious.  

Depending on your age, gender, and risk factors, there is a group of tests we would like to perform to exclude or diagnose a health problem. 

Some of our screening packages include: