4 reasons to care about your cardiovascular health

Most people believe that they are safe from cardiovascular disease and prefer not think about it. However, ignorance isn’t bliss in this case, and your lifestyle, age, family history, and other factors could be setting you up for a tragic turn in life. Cardiovascular disease can leave you with significant functional disability and restrictions in terms of diet, professional and job opportunities or it could outright kill you.

Even more distressing is the pain and suffering that such situations will put your family through. Depression in relatives of patients with heart problems is already a known risk. 

In this article today, we would like to raise some vital facts you might not know about your health while pointing you in the right direction to protect yourself and your loved ones from the risk of cardiovascular disease.

1. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the world

We have heard of the flu, cancer, and covid-19, but do you know that cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer in the world? According to WHO, coronary heart disease and stroke occupy the number one and two positions on the top 10 causes of death worldwide. This puts cardiovascular disease ahead of Covid-19, cancer, and any other killer by 17.5 million deaths. This does not account for those people left alive with severe disabilities and lifestyle limitations. Cardiovascular disease is not a joke. It is a reality you should consider carefully.

2. Everyone is prone to cardiovascular disease emergence

A heart attack happens to someone every 34 SECONDS in some part of the world. Cardiovascular disease doesn’t select people based on gender or age. It can happen to anyone, including you, your dad, your mother, or your grandparents. While people mostly develop higher risks of heart disease as they age, we all build these risk factors at any stage of life due to bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. You might think that you and your loved ones can’t possibly have a heart attack or that you will see the signs before it occurs. But these attacks can come without a symptom, be mild, present misleading symptoms, and can happen to anyone.

3. It can cost you more than you realize

Heart diseases are conditions that either block or narrow your blood vessels, affect your heart valves and muscles, or cause abnormal heart rhythm. Besides uncontrollable risk factors like your age, gender, family history, or born conditions, your habits can also be risk factors for cardiovascular disease. These behavioral patterns include stress, physical inactivity, poor diet, smoking, processed food, and bad eating habits that lead to obesity. When not properly looked into, addressed, or managed, these conditions and habits can lead to various complications like strokes, heart failure, aneurysms, and more. These conditions can lead to the inability to provide for your loved ones and you being unable to do, eat, and enjoy the things you normally should.

4. Many risk factors are preventable

When you discover what’s going on early, almost all these things are preventable. Most heart diseases and their complications can be managed to avoid fatal consequences when professionally addressed. At DaVinci Health, we provide full cardiovascular disease scans, which include tests to detect risk factors; heart scans to determine your likelihood of having heart attacks; CT coronary angiograms to evaluate the cardiovascular disease in your body, and ECGs to understand the condition of your heart and its beating. This means that – with the right professional help and the right treatments – you and your loved ones can enjoy a high quality of life for longer.

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