Heart disease is preventable

Keep your risk low and your heart beating strong by making smart lifestyle choices and checking your heart regularly.

Waiting for symptoms? Heart disease is a silent killer

Making smart decisions early on, even without experiencing any symptoms, is the key to preventing heart disease. Building healthy habits, getting regular heart exams, and knowing your risk factors are the main steps to follow. 

Cardiology Services

DaVinci Health Clinic is home to the best cardiologists in Malta. Our cardiovascular team is available to screen and diagnose your heart and provide treatment and support. If you’re experiencing signs of alarm, schedule a check-up. 

Heart exam: the best way to prevent heart disease

This is a comprehensive evaluation of your heart and blood vessels. It can be done in many ways. Some of them are:

– Blood tests
– Blood pressure monitoring
– Echo and ECG tests

Keep up to date on heart disease prevention

Everything you need to know about heart disease is on our blog and social media channels. Get full information on awareness, lifestyle tips for healthy living, prevention and treatment for heart conditions and others right here.

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