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Breast cancer is a serious disease that affects many women around the world. By adopting healthy habits and undergoing regular screenings from an early age, you can reduce the risk and detect it in a timely manner.

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How to prevent
Breast Cancer?

When it comes to breast cancer, no one is immune. To prevent the disease, screening tests are your best allies to detect and obtain an early diagnosis.

A mammogram once a year can help you detect changes in your breast tissue that may indicate the presence of cancer. Frequent visits to your doctor will also keep you informed about risk factors and lifestyle choices that can improve your breast health.

Care Clinic

At Da Vinci Health Clinic, we offer a breast screening program led by a team of specialists using the most reliable, state-of-the-art technologies. Our goal is to assist all women who notice abnormalities in their breasts or wish to initiate preventive measures. Some of our services include:

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3D Mammograms

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2D Mammograms

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Breast Ultrasound

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Breast MRI

All mammograms at Da Vinci Health Clinic are double checked using AI, at no extra cost for you.

How do you know when

to have a mammogram?

There are different types of tests that can be used for breast cancer screening, with mammograms being one of the most common.

A mammogram is a powerful diagnostic tool that examines breast tissue for suspicious areas. The sooner you start getting tested, the better. If you’re unsure about the right time for your screening, here’s a guide:


under 40

breast ultrasound once a year.


aged 40

and older

mammograms once a year

How much do you know
about breast cancer?

Want to make sure you are doing your best to prevent breast cancer? Take this test to find out! Are you ready?

Stay ahead of
Breast Cancer

Early detection is crucial when it comes to breast cancer. Undergoing regular screenings, staying informed about risk factors and your family history can help you reduce the risk of developing breast cancer and increase the chances of early detection and survival.

We are here to support you on every step of the way through your breast health journey.

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