Diabetic foot assessment (includes vascular doppler assessment and neurological examination)

Custom made insoles (paediatrics and adults) and pre fabricated insoles depending on need.

Treatment of ingrowing toe nails

Treatment of hyperkeratotic lesions (hard skin and corns)

Treatment of nail pathologies (onychomycosis, onychogryphosis etc)

Treatment of foot dermatological lesions (PPK, tinea pedis , Verruca pedis etc)

Foot and ankle pain (plantar fasciitis , neuroma etc)


Sandro Galea Soler


Orthopaedics / Surgery / Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Ryan Giordimaina

Orthopaedics / Surgery / Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Paediatrics - Infectious Diseases

David Pace

Paediatrics - Infectious Diseases

Consultant Infectious Disease Paediatrician

Specialist in Child Health and in Infections in Chil...

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