Our History

The hospital started operations on November 23rd, 2000 as the Medical Imaging Centre in Birkirkara; the clinic was solely a radiological facility providing all imaging modalities to neighboring clinics and general practices.
In Feb 2004, the Medical Imaging Centre moved to its new premises in Kan. K Pirotta Street, Birkirkara, where we expanded our radiological facilities while providing space for consultant clinics in other specialties. In June 2006, the Medical Imaging Centre opened a new surgical facility that included an operating room suite and inpatient treatment facilities. In April 2007, the Medical Imaging Centre changed its name to Da Vinci Hospital, to reflect the expansion and scope in our services.

Our New Goal is to focus on health not just injury or illness. We want to broaden our scope by concentrating on the promotion of Health for our clients and the management of more common diseases before they develop into more complex medical conditions, which are more difficult to treat. We will maintain overall good Health in our customers by expanding on the prevention and early detection of disease, which is why we are now Da Vinci Health.

At Da Vinci Health, we will continue to use our Computerized Hospital Information System that connects all patient data derived from its various departments together into one digital file that is accessible throughout the hospital and also remotely if required. The patient's digital file includes all medical history, reports, diagnostic images and lab results that were obtained at Da Vinci Health during the past 15 years.

DaVinci Hospital

Da Vinci Health builds on the best experiences and successes that Da Vinci Hospital has achieved in the past. We will continue to provide services in most specialties related to health care, both on an inpatient and outpatient basis, with the support of a high-tech Radiology Department, a Diagnostic Laboratory, an in-house Pharmacy and an efficient Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre. Smile Dental Clinic will continue to provide our excellent in-house dental service.

We are presently expanding our premises to provide an additional 30 in-patient hospital beds, and a larger outpatient department. We are also refurbishing our operating room to provide digital X-ray fluoroscopy that will allow our specialists to perform more complex bone operations and pain treatment procedures that were previously not possible.

Our new Walk-In service is aimed at facilitating prompt medical care in the community. Our Walk-In Clinic provides our clients with immediate medical attention and treatment. A Paediatric Walk-In Clinic is also available where children receive prompt attention from a paediatric specialist.


Andre Gatt


Internal Medicine / Rheumatology

Bernard Coleiro

Internal Medicine / Rheumatology

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