Nutrition & Diet

Healthy nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle. At Da Vinci Health, we offer all the necessary tools and expertise in order to promote this. Our nutritional packages are focused on the needs of each particular client and tailor-made to meet his/her requirements led by professional, qualified and registered nutritionists.

The nutritional packages consist of a medical examination, blood tests, nutritional consultations and sessions with a physiotherapist. They include a full body scan and may be complemented by a number of optional investigations, which the nutritionist recommends to the clients during the course of treatment. These include more blood investigations (other than the basic routine ones), radiological investigations and other tests as may be required.

Sessions are normally offered on an individual basis, however Da Vinci Health can also organize educational sessions to groups of clients, provided by a team of qualified professionals on various health-related topics. Our nutritionists would also be willing to provide continuous online nutritional support as part of our aim to deliver a personalised and professional service.

Nutrition & diet

Internal Medicine / Neurology

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Internal Medicine / Neurology


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Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Clinic

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