From one human being to another ......


To some of you, the term Mental Health might be unfamiliar, something far away or something that only concerns others. In reality, just as everyone is aware of their physical bodies; its needs and desires, we also need to be aware of our mental states. This too needs to be taken care of with care and nurturing.

As we live our everyday lives, deal with the stressors and all the possible emotions that come with being human, some things may affect us differently to others. Some things, whatever they may be, might be more difficult to process than others and some might just feel big enough that we chose not to face them entirely. As a result, we put a strain on our mental health and possibly our daily functioning.

Support is always available, and taking the first step to reach out may seem to be the hardest. Nonetheless, as writer and therapist Lisa Olivera once said, “just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone”. The journey itself does not need to be done alone. There are professionals out there waiting with open, non-judgmental, arms for you, you just need to grab that hand whenever you’re ready.

And to all those bystanders…care and respect for others is of utmost importance. One doesn’t chose to have a difficult period in their lives, one doesn’t chose to have a mental illness or chose to constantly have negative thoughts. One also does not chose to put their lives on the line for the entertainment of others. So, let us be considerate of all this, let us not judge another fellow human being. We are in this world together, facing difficulties together and that’s okay.


Ilona Deguara

Gestalt Psychotherapist

Da Vinci Hospital.

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