rTMS- A new revolutionary treatment for depression now at DaVinci Health


We are very pleased to announce a new evidence based treatment for depression. This evidence- based treatment, a first for Malta and Southern Europe, is approved by the very scrupulous US Food and Drug Administration which is a world authority in approving (or dismissing) medical treatments. Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is therefore not a gimmick.

rTMS works using magnets applied over a part the person's head. This stimulates tired and depressed brain cells, promoting recovery. The improvement is noted within a very short period of time. This treatment is more effective than pills. People get better faster and get on with their lives sooner. 

rTMS is a non invasive procedure with no side effects and this is what makes it so appealing. There is not contact with the scalp, no needles, no pills, no anaesthtic, no memory loss and no shock treatment involved.

You just walk in and relax on a comfy armchair for about 35 minutes to receive your daily dose of electromagnetism. During this time, you are fully alert and can chat, play with your tablet, read or watch TV. Then you walk out and carry on with your life as usual.

Many people tend to realise that they can can gradually decrease the pills they take under medical supervision. Hence the various side effects associated with pills (for e.g. weight gain, constipation etc.) are soon diminished in time.

We plan to collaborate with top pioneering hospitals abroad including Northampton, Mayo Clinic and Harley Street. 

Budding research shows that rTMS works especially well with psychological therapy; hence our Crisis Team has a dedicated and experienced team of therapists to get you out of a crisis effectively and quickly.

Ongoing, exciting studies are looking at using new this technology for other disorders like OCD and suicidal ideation. The future looks promising.

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